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A favorable solution for shipping sterile products

GCUBE IBC- Flex is engineered to perform in the food, pharma, and cosmetic industries. A combination of a composite IBC with an aseptic liner for products of the highest sensitivity.

Additional Features/Options:

Aseptic Liner

GCUBE Flex leverages a ready-to-use aseptic inner liner that can expand and unroll automatically inside the container guaranteeing a homogeneous position of the liquid.

Flexibility for Filling

GCUBE Flex can be filled both from the top filling (1" and 2" Elpo) or from the bottom, always keeping the aseptic integrity of the inner liner intact.

The Strongest Cage

GCUBE offers the strongest cage on the market.

About the GCUBE Flex IBC

The GCUBE Flex by Greif is an intermediate bulk container (IBC) designed to store and transport liquid materials. The GCUBE Flex is manufactured by Greif, a global company specializing in industrial packaging solutions.

The GCUBE Flex is a flexible IBC, which means it comprises multiple layers of materials, including a plastic inner liner, a corrugated outer container, and a pallet. This construction makes it suitable for storing and transporting liquids and semi-liquids. The plastic inner liner is made of polyethylene, resistant to chemicals and UV light, and can be used for many products. The corrugated outer container and pallet are paperboard which is recyclable and biodegradable.

The GCUBE Flex is designed for efficient storage and transportation when empty. It has a capacity of around 275-330 gallons and features a 2-inch valve for easy dispensing of contents. The GCUBE Flex is designed to be a sustainable alternative to traditional metal or plastic drums and can be used in a variety of industries, including chemical, food, and beverage. 

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The widest range of specifications

Reduced cost for global shipments. Suitable for one-way road, rail and sea transport allowing long lasting storage. The external GCUBE cage and pallet can be globally collected and reconditioned.

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Customization Options

  • Liner
  • Valves
  • Connector


Learn how the dynamic life of an IBC from Greif amounts to a choose your own adventure story. There’s a host of ways an IBC demonstrates circularity. See the many ways IBCs have become a circularity success story. 

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Protect your product's purity with GCUBE Flex

The purity of your product is protected by packaging that is already assembled with the best components in the market


Fully assembled for immediate use

Save time and handling with GCUBE Flex! Since it is fully assembled you can focus on filling your product!

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Greif’s network of life cycle service providers across North America and Europe can extend the life of spent packaging and responsibly recycle their component raw materials at the end of their life cycles.

What is it like to order IBCs from Greif?

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