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The integrity of your product arriving to your customer exactly as it was packed is paramount to your brand. With Greif’s complete range of industrial packaging for Flavors & Fragrances, you not only find solutions that meet your requirements, but also maintain your high-quality standards. 

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Producing flavors that elevate a food, beverage, or product sensory experience requires packaging that delivers throughout the winding road of development, production, and logistics. Greif's products protect the value and integrity of flavors, providing value to customers and end-users.


Effort in the lab needs to mean results on the market. Product integrity throughout the handling and logistics cycle is paramount for a return on investment. Greif takes the integrity challenge to task, working hand-in-hand with customers to ensure their high-quality products avoid alteration by odor or external particles.

Top Products for Flavors and Fragrances


Registration to various quality and food safety systems including ISO 9001, FSC 22000, BRC, SQF are available throughout the network. Additionally, some locations offer clean room solutions and independent kosher certifications.  

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Benefits of Using Greif Products

A Unique Production Process

With more than 30 facilities maintaining a food certification around the globe, customers can be confident that Greif’s requirements parallel theirs and that of their customers. What’s more, Greif plants are equipped to minimize the number of particles in packaging through a wide range of food-safe and odor-reducing linings.

Sustainability is Our Top Target

No other packaging supplier can provide you with the breadth and depth of sustainability metrics to support organizational targets. Our past actions have been awarded by CDP with “A-Leadership” ranking and by ECOVADIS with a Gold ranking. We keep pushing own targets further with our current targets to achieve 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and to divert 90% or more of waste to landfill by 2025.

A One-Stop-Shop for Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging from Greif offers flexible and rigid packaging that includes: steel drums, plastic drums, jerrycan, IBCs, fibre drums and special food-safe closures, and BPA-free linings.

A Team of Technical Experts

Greif’s center of excellence operates through more than 50 passionate engineers driven by product development and quality process optimization.

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