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GCUBE IBC for Elektron Zones


One of the safest solutions for EX zones 1+2

The Greif GCUBE IBC-Elektron uses multi-layer technology approved for EX zones. High performance is paramount and thanks to the use of special additives in co-extrusion technology, the outer layer has a permanent antistatic surface layer and the discharging valve produced with conductive PE is grounded through the cage and the pallet.

Additional Features/Options:

Antistatic Properties

The outer layer has a permanent antistatic surface layer, and the discharging valve is produced with conductive PE is grounded through the cage and the pallet.

The Strongest Cage

GCUBE offers the strongest cage on the market.

Easy Labeling

GCUBE can be equipped with three different sizes of label plates and label plates can be fixed to all four sides of the IBC.

GCUBE IBC for Elektron Zones


The widest range of specifications

  • 150 mm and 225 mm openings available with various types of ventilation and hybrid or wooden pallets
  • 2" and 3" valves with over-coated HDPE layer able to ensure only one material in contact with filled products
  • Gcube Elektron is also available with antistatic for food contact (GCube Food) and with barrier properties to avoid gas permeation (GCube Shield)


Customization Options

  • Lids
  • Nameplates
  • Valve selection
  • Multi layer bottle colors
  • Detectable
  • Hybrid pallet



Avoid risks of deflagration with GCUBE ELEKTRON

Protect your people and your customers using GCUBE ELEKTRON which ensures avoidance of deflagration typical of steel protected IBCs


When filling and emptying the product level is visible

GCUBE ELEKTRON avoids steel covers to achieve the antistatic requirements keeping visible the level of the filled product. Use black or white resin if product must be protected against sunlight.

GCUBE Elektron min

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