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Small and Intermediate Steel Drums


The largest variety of sizes to meet all needs

From standard to specialized, our range of products satisfies the most demanding market requirements.

Additional Features/Options:

Tailored Solutions

Greif offers a wide array of small and intermediate-sized drums suited for many specific size applications.


The lightweight standard 60 liter drum (16 gallons) comes in .5mm all around (5/5/5) to optimize cost and reduce the product's CO2 impact.

Assesorize For Need

There are many suplimental options available, such as BPA-free lacquers and vented closures from Tri-Sure.

The widest range of specifications

  • Tight head or open head
  • UN for solid and liquid
  • 4 to 42 gallon (15 to 160 liters)
  • Plain, lacquered
  • Flexible or PE liners available
  • Various types of decoration including screen printing, lithography, sleeves, digital printing
  • Tri-Sure closures available including venting systems

  • Lacquers
  • Colors
  • Liner
  • Safety pins
  • Plastic and steel caps
  • Plastic
  • Plain and lacquered plugs

Safety first

UN Approved

Meets highest UN approvals (drop test, pressure, stacking). Drums can be individually leak-tested.


Strength, compatibility and decoration

Steel for outstanding mechanical resistance, RDL coatings for high compatibility, and wide range of decorations to highlight your product.

Markets We Serve

From the products that keep us moving to the ones that make us beautiful, Greif is proud to serve the unique needs of a wide range of global industries.

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