Lubricants & Petrochemicals

As a large part of day-to-day business at Greif, colleagues continually strive to understand the needs of the lubricant, additive, and grease industries and innovate to help you solve challenges. From offering consistent packaging across the globe to sustainable solutions and logistics services, Greif is poised to help reach and exceed targets.

Market Subsegments

industrial segment


A well-oiled machine starts with adequate lubrication. Greif is proud to offer products that perform for customers in the handling of industrial lubricants and petrochemicals.

marine life


From sea to shining sea go countless vessels moving the global economy. Greif is proud to offer products that perform in the handling of lubrication and petrochemical assets that help marine-based customers whose clientele - among other things - carry the goods and commodities that make modern life possible.

aerospace 1


Reaching a new age of air and space travel requires a lot of things, especially adequate lubrication. Greif is proud to provide products their customers’ clientele counts on during countdown to take or lift-off - and every juncture in between where lubricant and petrochemical handling occurs.

img lubricants


From your daily driver to the race track, lubricant manufacturers depend on Greif's packaging solutions.

Top Products for Lubricants & Petrochemicals


Registration to various quality and food safety systems including ISO 9001, FSC 22000, BRC, SQF are available throughout the network. Additionally, some locations offer clean room solutions and independent kosher certifications.  

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Benefits of Using Greif Products

Extensive Global Footprint

Protect your brand and packaging standards by selecting Greif’s global network. Greif has more than 224 facilities in 37 countries that are strategically located, helping reduce transportation costs and improve the environmental footprint of a given product. By partnering with a capable supplier like Greif, customers minimize supply chain risks with backup production facilities to ensure continuity of supply.

A Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is a top priority at Greif because we understand every improvement we make protects our earth and helps customers achieve sustainability targets. Greif’s dedicated products and services enable organizations to achieve their goals. What’s more, Greif is proud to be the only global network to collect, recondition, or recycle several types of spent packaging. Want to make an impact? Use the Greif Green Tool to evaluate the environmental impact of packaging using a variety of metrics.

Elevating Your Brand Image

One of Greif’s most vibrant innovations, Drum 360, provides an opportunity for brands to convey their messaging and look on steel drums proudly. Driven by dynamic proprietary digital printing, Drum 360 allows for crisp, beautiful images that highlight the value of the lubricants they hold. Whether for differentiation in the market or to execute next-level event promotion, Drum 360 sends a clear message about a brand’s superiority.

Innovation & Expertise

Our more than 50 passionate engineers bring innovative solutions to solve real-world challenges. We’ve developed packaging solutions for unique lubricant applications, including lubricants approved for food contact, white oils, and clean lubricants for motors/metalworking applications.

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