"BPA free" drums (Non Intentionally Added)

No BPA for food packaging !

Contact your local representative

Safety first!

To answer food safety initiatives and EC regulations, because of potential health issues generated by BPA, Greif and Tri Sure have developped a range of BPA free coatings for drums and closures

Respect and anticipate regulations

EEC and some local legislations already impose BPA restrictions (food application) which are expected to be extended in the near future.

RDL, BPA free coatings make your life easier!

Our RDL BPA free coatings have the same compatibility as classic RDL coatings avoiding to start long and costly compatibility tests

The widest range of specifications

Our RDL BPA N.I.A. linings are available pigmented (RDL100 brown) or clear (RDL101) | Drums can be delivered with PE closures or with steel closures lacquered with the same BPA free lining